A New Year offers a chance to start fresh, implement a new routine and live a life you have always wanted. A vibrant smile helps to build confidence and improve self-image helping you to get that head start in the New Year. There are many different options to help you bring new life to your smile – whether it be Invisalign, whitening, or cosmetic dentistry, we have the options best suited for you to help you go into 2020 feeling like the best version of yourself with a strong, healthy smile!

Whitening: Perhaps you have had braces or other aligning treatments earlier in your life, and your smile is already nice and straight. However, sometimes through our dental routines (or lack thereof!), and the food and beverages we consume, our smile loses its luster over time. A brilliant white smile never fails to make a good impression. Bright white teeth help you to appear, younger, healthier and more attractive. Patients who receive our in-office whitening care will have a whitening gel applied to their teeth while we ensure to protect the gums. A special light can be used alongside the gel to help accelerate the whitening process. The whole treatment takes approximately 40 minutes and patients will notice results immediately after treatment. You’ll be leavening our office with a radiant smile that is sure to be noticed.

Invisalign: If your teeth are not aligned it may affect the overall beauty of your smile – and therefore, your confidence in displaying it. Aside from the aesthetics, you may not know that there are increased risks of dental health issues or dental infection for patients that have malocclusion. The Invisalign system aims to move teeth in order to improve occlusion. These aligners are virtually invisible, erasing the unsightly look of brackets and wires associated with traditional braces. It’s also not just for teens — you’re never too old to get that smile you’ve always wanted! If your misaligned teeth are preventing you from smiling as often and as confidently as you would like, come speak to our team and see if the Invisalign system is right for you!

Cosmetic Dentistry: People with beautiful teeth appear more approachable and are more confident in their interactions and conversations with others. The size, color and proportions of teeth all affect the overall aesthetics of your smile. There are cosmetic dentistry procedures that address these very issues, making sure your teeth and gums are picture-perfect, helping to improve all areas in your life. A gorgeous smile can help your career advancements, personal relationships, and contribute to your overall mental wellness by helping you to feel confident and comfortable with your appearance. Whether it be implants, veneers, or crowns, we have the cosmetic procedures to help ensure you have a smile that is worthy to show off.

The New Year is almost here! We can help you get the smile that will bring you the confidence you need to succeed in 2020!

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