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Tooth decay is one of the major oral health problems that affect children and adults of all age groups. The bacteria from tooth decay can lead to gum infection and teeth loss, deteriorating the oral health of the person. The primary aim of our dental care is to ensure that teeth and gums are in the best shape and free from bacterial infection. Our dental fillings have helped us restore teeth in many of our patients from Yorba Linda, Placentia, Brea, Fullerton, Anaheim and surrounding communities. During the routine dental visit to our Yorba Linda office, our dentist checks for signs of decay or damage and restores the tooth if found necessary. Our teeth restorations look very natural and work extraordinarily, supporting the biting and chewing functions of natural teeth. Visit our office to get your comprehensive oral check-up done.

Teeth decay/damage and dental fillings

Plaque is a layer of bacteria that is formed over teeth surface. The bacteria in plaque feed on sugary foods to release acids that can destroy the teeth. This results in tooth decay. If not treated in time, the decay can spread deeper into the tooth and infect the pulp, which is not desirable for good oral health. The bacteria can easily access the pulp of a damaged tooth. The bacteria can irritate and infect the pulp and reach the root of the tooth. Without proper oral care, the tooth can fall out because of severe infection and damage. Dental fillings are used to restore the tooth by filling the cavities created from decay/damage. This can protect the tooth from further bacterial invasion.

Dental fillings – Properties

Dental fillings are used to fill the cavities created by decay. This can prevent further bacterial invasion and protect the tooth. Dental fillings also act as a support to the biting and chewing functions of natural teeth. The filling may be subject to varying bite loads and varying temperatures because of hot and cold food, hence the physical properties of the filling material play a crucial role in the success of the restoration.

At our dental office, we use composite fillings because of their aesthetic and functional benefits. The fillings look very natural and support the functionality of teeth wonderfully. The procedure is non-invasive, hence more amount of natural teeth is saved during the course of restoration.

Composite fillings – Teeth restoration procedure

The dentist firstly numbs the decayed tooth using local anesthesia. Dental drills or other instruments are used to remove the decay. Once the decayed part of a tooth is removed, the cavity is cleaned thoroughly and the area is prepared to hold the composite filling.

The dentist prepares composite fillings to match the natural color of teeth. The fillings are filled in the cavity layer by layer. The dentist uses a special light to cure the composite filling which hardens the restoration quickly. After the cavity is completely filled, the restoration is trimmed and polished to provide the finishing touch. Patients are advised on how to protect the composite filling after the treatment is complete.

Apart from Yorba Linda, our dental office accepts other cities such as Placentia, Brea, Fullerton, and Anaheim. We even have patients that live in other states that still fly back to see us, come see why for yourself!

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We are committed to providing the highest standard of oral care to our patients by using state-of-the-art technology combined with modern techniques, allowing us to deliver optimum care in a pain-free manner.

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