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Dental crowns are caps that are designed to be fixed over natural teeth or dental implants. Crowns cover the visible part of the teeth which is above the gum-line. They are used as a protective shield, functional aid and to gain an aesthetic advantage during the course of a smile makeover. At our dental office, Dr. Jokmels has used porcelain crowns in patients for a number of reasons which include but are not limited to protect teeth and improve oral health. Through our teeth restoration procedures, we have successfully crafted healthy smiles in many people from Yorba Linda, Placentia, Brea, Fullerton, Anaheim and surrounding communities. If you are facing an oral health problem, make an appointment and meet Dr. Nalini Jokmels. Our comprehensive treatment can prevent diseases and strengthen teeth.

A tooth that is severely damaged, misshapen or broken needs to be restored to ensure it is in place. A crown is essentially an artificial tooth that covers the natural tooth to protect it from danger. The choice of a tooth crown depends on the need of the patient. The crown normally has a high strength to withstand bite load and is designed to look similar to the natural tooth. Call our top-rated dental office in Yorba Linda to know more about tooth restoration using crowns at our Yorba Linda office.

Do I Need A Crown?

Dental crowns are among the various types of teeth restorations available in dentistry. They are caps that are designed to cover the portion of the natural teeth which is visible above the gum-line. The restoration requires some amount of natural teeth to be removed. Therefore, the procedure is mostly suggested when the dentist finds out that the tooth cannot survive on its own. The cap shields the weak or broken tooth from heavy bite loads and supports chewing and biting functions. Following are some of the common cases where a dental crown may be used.

  • To save a tooth that is broken into pieces
  • To save a severely decayed tooth
  • To save a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment
  • To reshape a misshapen tooth
  • To mask a discolored tooth
  • Fixed over dental implant as a replacement to a lost tooth

The Restoration Procedure

Dentists recommend the use of dental crowns for restoring a tooth when it has a large filling or when it is damaged to an extent where it requires to be protected in order to prevent it from falling out. The restoration process involves preparation of the tooth. Some portion of the natural tooth has to be removed in order to make space for fixing the crown. The dentist uses local anesthesia to prepare the tooth. Impressions of the prepared tooth are taken and a temporary acrylic crown is created at the dental office. This temporary is fixed over the prepared tooth until the permanent porcelain crown gets fabricated in the lab.

Porcelain crowns look very natural. They have a property of reflecting more light. The material can withstand a decent amount of bite load and is mostly preferred for restoring front teeth. During the second visit of patients, the dentist removes the temporary crown and cleans the tooth. The crown that is prepared by the lab technicians is checked for fit. Once our dentist confirms the fit, the porcelain crown is cemented over the natural tooth.

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