Everybody was so kind and friendly. I like it because this place is clean and I really like the decor. Dr. Nalini is a gentle dentist and knows her awareness in striving for excellent in her professional field.

- Lucy martinez

Dr. Jokmels and her staff provide the best dental experience I have ever had. The facility is modern, well thought out, and a pleasure to visit. I like the fact that Dr. Jokmels does the cleaning and other basic tasks herself.

- B.P. Hogan

Friendly office staff and doctor. Very clean and professional. My son has always been afraid of dental work and they were very gentle and made his visit pleasant.i recommend Dr. Jokmels and Capstone Dental.

- Christy

Accommodating and professional Dr and staff. Nice new state of the art office. Refreshing change after 15 years with the same dentist. I highly recommend.

- Peggy Mathison

Everything was great. The staff and centrist were very helpful and friendly. I am very happy with the work I got done, thank you!

- Barbara

Friendly office staff and doctor. Very clean and professional. My son has always been afraid of dental work and they were very gentle and made his visit pleasant.i recommend Dr. Jokmels and Capstone Dental.

- Charlotte

I appreciate the time Dr. Jokmels takes to fully explain the details of my dental care. She is always professional. Her dental office is spotless and orderly. I am so glad I was referred to her. I have my family also being treated at Capstone Dental

- Michael Halverson

The new crown worked out perfectly. Thanks for taking the time to make the minor adjustments.

- William Sperko
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Root Canal at Yorba Linda Office – Protect Your Teeth from Danger

Decay and damage can pose serious threats to natural teeth. When decay extends deep across enamel and dentin layers, the pulp of the tooth comes in contact with the bacteria. This causes inflammation and infection that can destroy the pulp. As a result, the patient experiences toothache. If left untreated, the problem can worsen the oral health of the patient. Root canal treatment is performed to repair and restore such tooth and prevent the infection from spreading. It is one of the key procedures performed by our general dentist in Yorba Linda, CA. The treatment is aimed at protecting natural teeth and improving oral and overall health of patients. If you are a resident of Yorba Linda, Placentia or surrounding communities and have toothache or tooth sensitivity, make an appointment and meet our dentist at the earliest. We can help you restore your teeth and get back healthy smile.

Root canal treatment – When is it necessary?

The paramount goal of a dentist is to protect natural tooth. To understand the need for root canal procedure, one should know the various parts of a tooth structure. Enamel is the outer most layer of the tooth which is porous and white in color. The dentin is below the enamel layer and the pulp is at the heart of the tooth. The pulp has nerves and blood cells which provide nutrition for healthy growth of tooth.

When a tooth is decayed or damaged the bacteria can come in contact with the pulp to cause infection. The infection can spread to the root of the tooth and disease the supporting structure. The bacteria can further spread to other teeth and worsen the condition. Root canal treatment is performed to remove infected pulp.

Root canal procedure

Toothache and swelling of gums are some common symptoms that may indicate that a pulp is infected. Our dentist performs thorough check up to find out the status of the tooth. X-rays are taken for the purpose. Once our dentist confirms that a root canal procedure is necessary, patients are informed about how the treatment takes place. The procedure is performed with the help of local anesthesia. An opening is made in the tooth using drills. The pulp is removed from the tooth and the area is sterilized to remove bacteria. The canal is cleaned using a dental file. The dentist then seals the canal with appropriate material and uses fillings to fill the cavity. The tooth is capped using a dental crown to complete the treatment.



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