Many adults assume that orthodontics is a solution meant exclusively for teenagers and young kids. This assumption is inappropriate. The majority that opt for orthodontics every year are adults. Most of the patients have a question like what to expect once you have dental braces in Yorba Linda?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that comprehensively corrects facial and dental irregularities and bad bites, by employing braces. Orthodontics offers you numerous choices to magnify your smile.

Consult Dr. Nalini Jokmels who practices at Capstone Dental Care for your orthodontic requirements. Capstone Dental Care serves multiple locations namely Yorba Linda, Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton and Placentia. Read on to gather useful information about how orthodontics can enhance your smile.

Orthodontics in Yorba Linda Can Be of Help in the Following Ways:

  1. Treating Malocclusion:

    For you to have a perfect smile, all the teeth must be aligned. If the teeth overlap or remain crooked, it becomes laborious to keep them clean. You become susceptible to tooth decay and infected gums. Orthodontics in Yorba Linda can rectify your teeth alignment effectively.

  2. Correcting Early Loss:

    Orthodontic treatments in Yorba Linda can solve the early loss of teeth in babies, retaining baby teeth, finger or thumb-sucking problems, some dental diseases, and accidents.

  3. Rectifying Underbite and Overbite:

    Underbite is a situation where the upper teeth get positioned very far back when compared with their ideal position. The sticking out of the front teeth in the upper part is known as overbite. Orthodontics in Yorba Linda can get rid of these issues.

  4. Redressing Spacing and Crowding Issues:

    Due to missing teeth and gaps between teeth, spacing issues arise in the mouth. If the dental ridge has numerous teeth beyond its capacity to handle, it becomes a crowding problem. Both can be solved through orthodontics treatment in Yorba Linda.

Orthodontic Instruments to Resolve Dental Issues:

  • Braces, Aligners, and Other Appliances:

    These are carefully placed on the teeth to push them in the desired direction. Aligners don’t have wires like braces.

  • Repairing Rough Teeth:

    Adjusting down, reshaping, or capping irregular teeth can be performed easily at Orthodontics in Placentia.

  • Getting Rid of Teeth:

    If you have extremely crowded teeth, you will need to remove one or a few for proper alignment.

  • Surgery:

    Surgery is recommended for rare and severe cases alone, like rectifying the shape of the jaw. Shortening or lengthening of the jaw is done via surgery as per the need.


If you are in search of orthodontics in Yorba Linda and surrounding areas like Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton and Placentia, consult Dr. Nalini Jokmels who practices at Capstone Dental Care to avail the finest service. For more information call us at (714) 415-2568 and schedule an appointment today.