Can you tell the difference between a normal dental ache that can be ignored by the next day and a serious ache that needs immediate help? No! You really can’t tell the differences in dental pains. A mild pain today can turn into a very serious issue. These are symptoms that you need an Emergency Dentistry in Yorba Linda. Capstone Dental Care has the best Emergency Dentist serving Yorba Linda. They serve the nearby communities of Anaheim, Brea, Fullerton and Placentia too.

Loose Tooth: Should I Visit an Emergency Dentist in Brea?

Loose and a wiggly tooth can be signs of tooth injury. The tooth could have gotten loose due to reasons such as an accident or a fall. If neglected it could lead to complex problems in the future.

An untreated infection can result in gum disease. The type of infection can be identified only by a Brea Emergency Dentist.

  1. Toothache:

    If you have a severe toothache, don’t wait. Just consult the Emergency Dentist Dr. Nalini Jokmels at the earliest. Treatments will be done based on the severity of the pain. Also, the severity can be assessed based on the sensitivity.

  2. Gums:

    Gums bleeding after floss is normal. If the bleeding increases and reoccurs and causes your gums to ache then you need to see a dentist. If your gums are swollen, then it’s a sign of early gum disease.

  3. Mouth:

    A swollen jaw accompanied by tastelessness is a warning sign of a typical bacterial salivary gland infection. These are a very uncommon disease but look out for these signs and get it examined by an Emergency Dentist Near You in Brea.

  4. Metal Taste:

    A sudden metal taste in your mouth could be due to your fillings falling out. A tooth that has lost its filling will attract new infections and cavities. Your Emergency Dentist will replace your Composite Filling in Yorba Linda and remove any bacteria in your tooth.

  5. Cranker:

    Lesions caused due to any reason won’t subside. Cranker is normal and occurs almost a dozen times in a person. But, if these sores continue to linger in your mouth please visit your emergency dentist immediately.

  6. Headaches:

    Constant headaches can be due to many reasons. If this headache gets chronic consult a dentist for advice. Since your teeth and head are connected, any kind of pain and discomfort in your jaw and mouth can cause constant headaches.


The above-mentioned points are warning bells to divert your attention and seek emergency dental help. Capstone Dental Care provides the best Emergency Dental Care to communities in Yorba Linda, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim and Fullerton.