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Dental emergencies can occur anytime during a day, with or without a prior indication. Dental care providers treat patients, who have a knocked out tooth or suffering from a toothache, swelling or bleeding gums, on a regular basis. The treatment offered to patients during an emergency can play a crucial role in their oral health. Our team at Capstone Dental Care is always prepared for dental emergencies. Our patients rely on us for their dental care and we have been successful in saving natural teeth of many of our patients from Yorba Linda, Placentia and surrounding communities. Our emergency and routine dental care has improved the oral health and brought brighter smiles in our patient community.

At Capstone Dental Care we aim to prevent dental problems through educating the patient community. Our preventive care can reduce the chances of dental emergencies such as tooth decay. When a patient is in an emergency dental condition, our team takes quick steps to relieve him/her from pain and protect the teeth and gums. If you are suffering from tooth decay, knocked out tooth or any other condition that requires dental attention, contact our office immediately. Our team will take care of you.

What is a dental emergency and what should patients know?

Dental emergency is any condition that involves injury to gums, teeth or lips or pain caused from dental infection and requires immediate dental attention. A large tooth filling which comes out, a fallen dental crown or broken braces too can be categorized as dental emergencies since they can have serious effects on daily life activities and oral health of patients. Patients should be aware of the steps that can be followed before visiting the dentist. This helps them in improving the condition.


A toothache can be caused from tooth decay or can be the result of an injury. Patients should gently rinse the mouth with warm water and use a cold compress if there is swelling. Patients should quickly visit the dentist to make sure that the condition is healed and the tooth is restored.

Broken tooth

When the tooth is broken patients should remove any pieces of it from the oral cavity, which has come out from the tooth. Warm water can be used to rinse the mouth and cold compress over the area where there is swelling. Dentists can take necessary steps to restore the tooth using appropriate dental materials.

Fallen crown

Patients should firstly try and put back the dental crown in place. If it does not work out, the crown can be protected safely and taken to the dentist who can cement it back in position.

Knocked out tooth

Knocked out tooth can be restored if it is taken to the dentist with in an hour of the accident. Patients should hold the crown of the tooth gently and clean the dust if there is any. The root of the tooth should not be disturbed. Patients can try and put the tooth back into the socket. If this does not work, the tooth can be saved in the vestibule of oral cavity or in a container of milk before visiting our emergency dentist.

If you or any of your family members are facing an emergency dental situation, make an appointment and meet our dentist. Our dental care in Yorba Linda can bring the patient back to normal life within a short span.

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