Isn’t it great when you can flaunt your smile and everyone takes notice? How do you get that beautiful and attractive smile that makes people turn their heads? Cosmetic dentistry is how you do that!

Cosmetic dentistry is usually done after years of consideration and consultation with your cosmetic dentist. It’s a life-changing decision as many of the cosmetic dentistry procedures last anywhere between 5 years to a decade. People take the help of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures to improve their smiles, restore their teeth and for many more reasons.

Let’s explore some of the widely used procedures in cosmetic dentistry.

Orthodontics and Braces

Orthodontics and braces are procedures generally taken by people who have crooked teeth or misaligned gum. These dental tools help straighten teeth, align gums, uniformly distance teeth and much more. It’s’ quite common to wear braces when you are a teenager, but you can find it amongst adults too. This procedure is generally harmless and custom-made to cover the outside of your teeth and keep them along so that you can have a normal bite and great smile

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is a cosmetic dentistry procedure wherein the pulp chamber of your tooth is cleaned, disinfected and filled with a filling that is permanently placed. It’s one of the most common procedures done by millions of people all over the world to save their abscessed tooth that might have been caused by a bacterial infection. A root canal therapy helps treat a gravely infected or decaying tooth by repairing it from its ‘root’.

Partial Dentures

If you lost your teeth while playing a game of soccer or because of your age, you need not worry, partial dentures are exactly what you need. These removable bridges are replacements for your lost teeth. Partial dentures act as a fixed bridge that fills the gap between your missing teeth by attaching a fake tooth in between and inserting crowns on either side. Partial dentures are one of the most cost-effective ways to replace missing teeth and help keep your natural teeth in order and avoid any unnecessary shifting.

Some cosmetics dentists prefer alternatives to partial dentures like supported cement bridges. These fill the gap with an artificial tooth that is attached to the crown and cover your natural teeth. The implants are selectively used as they are costlier but look more natural.

Dental Crowns/Porcelain Crowns

Teeth get damaged over time and with age. It can be the result of various other reasons too, like tooth decay, physical injury or bad oral hygiene. Dental or Porcelain crowns are cap-like structures. They are fixed over the damaged teeth. The crowns, most commonly made of porcelain, are used as protection, cover and give shape to your teeth when fillings don’t work. They are ‘tooth-shaped’ so work brilliantly and don’t require any special care or medication other than good oral hygiene. These porcelain crowns act like armour that restores your teeth’s’ size, shape, appearance and strength.

Dental restorations

Dental restoration is one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is more functional than aesthetic. Dental restorations are a combination of fillings, dentures, braces, dental crowns, and implants that are worked together in combination. This procedure is mainly used to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. If that’s not the case, the dental restoration technique can be used to fill vulnerable spots that plague your gum, or teeth.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings are used when the existing fillings start to wear out, chip or crack away. Mostly for aesthetic reasons, composite fillings are a great way to replace the existing filing with a natural, tooth colored filling that easily blends with your existing teeth. However, that’s not the case always and many composite fillings are an additional safety procedure that protects your teeth in a better capacity. This procedure is excellent to fill up smaller cavities and hold them together.


Not a commonly used term in cosmetic dentistry, but Invisalign is another term for braces. Most people think that braces are for teenagers and that is exactly the image that crops up, but Invisalign is the best option for “adult-braces”. It is invisible as no one can tell you are wearing braces. This cosmetic dentistry procedure corrects misalignment of teeth that translates to pain, or headaches in adults. The procedure is widely popular amongst adults.

Teeth Whitening

Wouldn’t you like your teeth shining bright as a day? Teeth whitening is one the most common cosmetic dentistry techniques that people go for. Adults, primarily, make a beeline for teeth whitening technique and it’s more than regular tooth brushing. In the procedure, the cosmetic dentist takes the help of medically proven gels and whitening agents that strip off the plaque and other deposits over your teeth over the years. However, teeth whitening is not for everyone – generally preferred by individuals who need to have their teeth or gums restored or individuals with an excessive deposit of yellow tones on their gums and teeth.

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